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New Gallery Module added - 25 new wallpapers

Date/Time Permalink: 04/25/06 08:08:23 am
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Well, I added 25 new wallpapers in gallery module 13. These include specials for Window Maker and Ratpoison desktops. One of the Window Maker backgrounds is seen in action here:

Window Maker screenshot

Don't look for the style that goes with it in Window Maker's menus; I made it. This is quite easy in Window Maker's Preferences Menu under Appearances. Simply select the element you wish to style, and use the magnifying glass button in the color dialog to pick a color off the background. When you have things to your liking, pick "Appearance->Save Theme" off the root menu and give it a name.

In keeping with Window Maker's "geek-friendly without being geek-required" policy, your themes that you create this way are in a directory /home/your_user_name/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/Themes, where you'll find a plain old text file suitable for editing further with your favorite tools. By the way, I couldn't help noticing these two lines in the theme I just did:

CClipTitleColor = "rgb:61/61/61";
ResizebarBack = (vgradient, "#d6ba7b", "#947d52");

See, half the colors generate in "rgb:nn/nn/nn" format, and half generate in "#nnnnnn" format. In the same file. Which I just thought I'd post to mention "Isn't that IRRITATING?!?!?"

UPDATE: Aaaand I just discovered 25 'lost' wallpapers that I misplaced when I was shuffling from the old Cra^H^HCoppermine gallery system to my home-knitted one. In complete defiance of all logic, they are now born on the world as "gallery 14". I need a nap.

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