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New Flash game: IQ Blocks

Date/Time Permalink: 05/07/08 08:26:11 am
Category: Flash

I might as well turn this one loose while I'm at it. New Flash game in the sidebar, name of IQ Blocks. It looks like this:

I can haz new flash game

The idea is that you click go, starting the timer and changing the pattern in the upper right, and then you have to click the squares in the big place on the lower left until it matches the pattern which will stop the timer. That's it. Try to contain your excitement.

Source code here. GNU GPL'd, graphics included.

OK, this is inspired by those IQ tests you get in school where they give you red-and-white blocks and a card with a pattern on it, and you use the blocks to assemble the pattern. But I have no idea if these blocks used in IQ tests have a name, if one company makes them, or what. Any teachers out there who can fill me in?

Anyway, I thought people might find it cool to have a chance to play with these in a non-school environment, maybe for the nostalgia kick from school. It could be that nobody's ever thought of this before because it's a non-obvious concept for a game, or it could be nobody's done it before because it's a dumb idea for a game. I don't know yet, but that's why it's called "experimentation"!

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