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New code posting - a captcha generator

Date/Time Permalink: 04/03/06 01:11:34 pm
Category: Site News

Not that I expect it to do anybody else but me any good, but I've posted three scripts which are supposed to work together to produce captcha images automatically. They are, captcha_include (some POVray code that is not for stand-alone execution, but rather to be included by when it *builds* captcha.pov), and to post-process the files and ready them for server deployment.

This is being done on my way to attempt to come up with a general-purpose captcha tool. If you have POVray, BASH, and image magick (it's the back-end for the 'convert' program), you could concievably generate your own unlimited supply of captcha images. Oh, yes, one more thing: you'd have to be nuts to make this work! I'll work on a better solution later.

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