Today's exercise: Try working the mouse with your feet.

My Top-Ten Rejected Slogans for a 20th anniversary Linux T-shirt:

Date/Time Permalink: 06/10/11 04:34:33 pm
Category: Humor
  • #10. "This shirt will be blurred out in a photo someday."
  • #9. "It's never going away. Can you relax now?"
  • #8. "Ask me for a copy of the GPL. I have to carry it in order to legally wear this shirt."
  • #7. "Yes, I'm smart enough to run Linux. No, you can't have my children."
  • #6. "I don't exist, so quit pretending you see me."
  • #5. "Follow me; I never crash."
  • #4. "All tyrants hate Free Software; Bill Gates most of all."
  • #3. "The tag in this shirt is as big as the shirt!"
  • #2. "Help! Richard Stallman is chasing me with a marker trying to write 'GNU' on me!"
  • #1. "...And people still won't RTFM."

Hit it, Paul!

My own comic strip shirt idea

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