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My first Flash game

Date/Time Permalink: 06/01/07 10:16:45 am
Category: Flash

While I've been doing all this other rattling around, I also managed to squeak out something that barely resembles a game.

It's called "Code Crackr" and will remind you a little of Mastermind, except I'm bent enough to give it a countdown and make it look like it's attached to a bomb...

game shot

And at the bottom of that page is a source code tarball you can download and build yourself! Saves you the trouble of copy-pasting it out of the blog. Since I'm approaching the time when I can do whole Flash programs, sticking the whole source into a blog post will become less and less practical.

It's pretty basic. Don't look for advanced features 'cuz they ain't there yet! I'm still figuring out how to do stuff.

Oh, yeah, I included the GNU GPL v2 with it... First time I've done that, but once you go handing out tarballs...

UPDATE: 7/3/07 NOW I HAVE ACTUALLY *PUT* THE SOURCE TARBALL ON THE SERVER. So that when you click "Get the source code and image files" you actually, like, get them, y'know???

I can't believe I was that out of it! Watch me on that, will you folks?

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