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My excuse for not posting lately #372

Date/Time Permalink: 10/15/06 07:10:47 am
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Just finished my ebook. It came in at 39,000+ words. It's a computer-related *mumble* manual for some *mumble* Internet company, I don't even know yet if I can claim authorship in public, they haven't launched beta, I sold all rights, etc. But it's money, which is all that matters with it.

So I'm back. This blog looks strange; was it always this gay? Who designed it this way? And I take it I'm supposed to post something, except after jamming out 39,000 words in twelve days, my brain is all out of words. In speaking, I just start sentences that trail off. I keep opening my mouth and nothing comes out.

Coffee isn't helping. I can chug a whole pot in a half hour's time and lay down and go right to sleep. I've taken to sitting sprawled on the couch while my daughter explains her cartoons to me. If I can follow what she's saying, I indicate comprehension with a narrow range of Bill the Cat responses.

This isn't blogger's block. This is different. This is brain drain.

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