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Well, in the midst of setting this site up, (with so *much* more to do than the simple blogs I used to run!) I'd neglected moving my blogroll over; but not anymore! Here's a little intro to the other geek blogs I deem worthy of including in my sidebar:

A Binary World
"Eric’s insights on politics, technology, and everything else" - this is the site that first inspired me to start my own geek blog. The idea had been percolating for months, but I wasn't sure it would work. When I stumbled on Eric's site, my own ideas finally clicked into place! Eric's site focuses on general geekery such as building a new PC, Fedora Core Linux and Windows, some wmWare, his political insights, and his world travels. Much in the same way I piddle around with graphic art on the side, he does photography - and a striking hand he is with a camera, too!

All about Linux
"Tips and Tricks in using and administering Linux." - a very informative site. Directed much the way I direct my own ambitions, "All About Linux" is a solid blog exploring the world of Free and Open Source Software and reporting back to the reader on what was found and how to get there. Frequently linked to from mainstream news sites; you can dodge the Slashdot crowd and come directly to the source, here.

Linux & Things
A blog potpourri of personal news, Linux thoughts, trivia from the net, and news from Maryland.

Geek Ramblings
You know when you see the banner picture of Rock'em Sock'em Robots that you've found a blog with a sense of fun. Dougal Campbell serves up everything from Linux tips to odd-ball net curios, with a playful style.

Simon Willison's Weblog
"PHP, Python, CSS, XML and general web development" Make no mistake: This is a code blog, a serious one, and if you can't master web development from following Simon Willison, you're just not trying!

Brad's Technical Pages
Similar design and mix to Binary World, but with a decidedly counter-culture bent. "Brad the Mad" is the bad-boy of geekdom, and as such is a refreshing breeze after reading the rest of us anal-retentive pencil-necks.

Eric Lee Green's Home Page
Whomever or whatever, this page doesn't seem to be alive anymore. But I'll make an exception for it, because much of what he has written in his editorials applies to Linux today - and for that matter, Linux ten years from now!

Armed and Dangerous
"Sex, software, politics, and firearms. Life’s simple pleasures…" Eric S. Raymond's personal blog. Well, we certainly couldn't leave him out, could we? Even though he's a radical libertarian Bible-thumping, gun-toting, Republican-loving nut - even though I disagree with him on nearly every one of his inflamitory points *but* technology matters - he is still the geek culture's tribal bard, and quite a bit of computers I first learned from his writings in the 90's. He's here because putting up with him is worth it. I don't mind being challenged by his controversial views at all.

Mark at LinuxWorld
Aside from being editor-in-chief of Linux World magazine, he publishes an interresting blog as well.

Yet Another Linux Blog
"Open Source, Open Blog" Most generic title, most stylish presentation. Frequently linked to from aggregated news sites, oft-quoted on techie sites, and has saved my neck a couple times when I was trying to figure something out.

What would Boing-Boing be like if it were a one-person show, and that person were a dedicated second-generation geek? Find out here.

A professional writer of books and articals published within the likes of Wired. Despite the Wired credential, the blog is still good and informative.

Blog of Helios
"Wisdom and Ramblings of all things Linux" Originally, the author thought to title it "Does Linux have any heroes?". Home blog for Lobby4Linux.

Dive into Mark
Noted Open Source programming author and long-time web-published geek.

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