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Moving into Mandriva

Date/Time Permalink: 03/17/06 01:18:03 pm
Category: General

I'm settling into Mandriva and I'll be sharing my progress along the way. Everything here applies to Mandriva Official 10.1.

Hooking up QWest internet: This applies to DSL connections using the Actiontec wireless gateway. DO NOT try to turn on internet services from the Mandriva installer. Just to be on the safe side, unplug your QWest ethernet cord from the computer before installing Mandriva. Once your Mandriva install is complete: Start "Customize Your Computer" and to go the tab "Network and Internet" and select "New Connection". Select "LAN connection" and do not touch any of the next options given, leave them at default. Save and exit. Now add the line:

"alias net-pf-10 off"

without the quotes to the end of /etc/modprobe.conf. Save that file, and reboot your machine. You're online! What's going on here is that the Actiontec Gateway functions as it's own independant little server. The ethernet cable connecting to your computer just makes your machine part of the network, with QWest's Internet piped in at the router.

Adding Firefox: Firefox 1.5 had mondo problems with library dependencies on Mandriva, so I played it safe and got Firefox 1.0.7. I put mine in /usr/local, so the path after installing was /usr/local/firefox-installer/firefox. Note that if you try to add Firefox's icon to WindowMaker, you'll get "firefox-bin" which won't start the program. Keep it just the path I gave. The .xpm icon is in /usr/local/firefox-installer/icons. Of course, adjust these values if you didn't put firefox in /usr/local!

Window Maker: Mandriva's Menudrake program is the tops; but somehow, it misses Window Maker and only manages menus for Gnome, KDE, Blackbox, and ICEwm. Worse news is that if you try to use Window Maker's built-in menu editor, it will kill the Mandriva menu, replace it with a default that bears no resemblance to the programs on the system, and then *still* won't let you edit the menus, anyway. Wait, the fun's just starting: if you go looking for the text file where Window Maker's system menu lives, you'll find about six of them. The one in /usr/share/WindowMaker/menu is the one and only file that you can edit to change what the system shows in Window Maker's menus. Wasn't that fun? I suppose you can also edit your file in your home directory and it may add to the menu, but at this point, I'm too chicken to try.*

*UPDATE:12/24 No, that didn't work. The next time you update the menus from Menudrake (for KDE menus and such) you blow away the Window Maker menus and they get replaced by system defaults again. However, I tried again with Window Maker's own menu editor, and it abandoned the system menu for a template, which I was this time able to edit (now that I'd run Menudrake at least once?). Hey, Mandriva, what gives? Is Window Maker the stepchild, here, or what?

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