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More snuggling between proprietary and open source software:

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First, we have a move which astonishes me even more than Microsoft and Novell: Adobe released Flash action script as open source to Mozilla (and presumably everybody else). This could mean sometime in the next five years we possibly get a Flash editor for the open source desktop (I know about f4l, but it's still alpha)! Gosh, are we really freaking worthy?

Let me now take this opportunity to publicly forgive Adobe a *little* bit for the Flash9-on-Linux fiasco. Congratulations Adobe, you've managed to regain some brownie points. Don't spend them all in one place.

Next, fire up your adblock before you visit this link to see how Sun is proposing to release Java under the actual GPL! Not the CDDL, but GPL itself! Of course, open-source Java is starting to become like waiting for Duke Nukem Forever. I'm not going to get all excited about it. I'm going to wait this time until Richard Stallman has a public joygasm about it first, then uncork the champagne.

And while this isn't a political blog (remember, I despise all politicians equally), I'll note the day after midterm elections by saying: Congratulations America, you've stood the American political landscape on it's nose - as far as you are capable of doing. You've thrown out the old crooks and replaced them with the new crooks. Now sit back and watch for two years as NOTHING BUT NOTHING CHANGES!

I've been too busy writing for money to write for fun, so that's why I'm cramming it all into one post. May peace, love, and open source be with you always, kind geekdom!

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