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Microsoft really funded SCO to attack Linux the whole time.

Date/Time Permalink: 10/08/06 04:39:20 pm
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The link to the Groklaw story is in the title. I'm sparing this for posterity, because I know I'm going to be forced to post it in every online forum in which the subject comes up for years and years, because I'll meet some more Microsoft astroturfers out there (and even on here...) and I'll have to prove and reprove it.

And I might as well post. To those of you wondering what happened to your normally eloquent host, I will return in another week. I have landed a huge project in my work, and it's big enough to garner me both cash and repeat business, and challenging enough that it needs my undivided attention.

So until next time, True Believers, keep fighting the good fight! Technology freedom will prevail!

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