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Mac vs. PC: I'm a Linux!

Date/Time Permalink: 03/21/07 09:21:53 am
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No this is *NOT*, repeat, NOT the fat guy in the spandex Tron outfit. Deeep breath and heave your relieved sigh that wiser heads prevailed. The spokesperson they chose for their spot is a smartly-dressed woman with a vaguely intelligent-but-slacker, Janeane Garofalo personality.

Watch the clip in the title link. I'm big-time behind it, despite my love/hate feelings for Novell right now. What ever you do, guys, do NOT lose this spokes-woman. It is a brilliant move to simultaneously bust Linux out of the geeks-only mold and bust the mens-club myth of high-functioning computer users in one stroke. To quote TFA:

"Face them with a confident and attractive woman, and suddenly they both look like hapless dorks. Mac’s appeal over PC vanishes and he becomes a kind of pathetic-looking slouch."

Brilliant thinking, just like what gave us Linux in the first place. My main regret: I don't necessarily want to beat up Apple. After all, OS X has common roots with Linux, Apple would have to kill orphans and suck their blood to even hope to catch up with Microsoft's evil quotient, and Linux and Mac are stronger united than adversaries.

But right now, nothing else matters but that Linux, after 15 years, is finally getting marketed to the mainstream. With a brain. For a change.

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