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No, not about where he's going on about how the car was "Mission Accomplished"... scroll on down.

Meet "the Tux Project".

The Tux Project, it says here on the tin in helios' writing, "is where the community can come together and decide how, where and when Linux can be marketed. As well, this is where we either elect, appoint or suggest those to lead the effort. It is clear that a central and recognized entity must lead this effort." (...emphasis mine)

Oh... like... a DEMOCRACY! Yes, I've heard of those. They work quite well. Why, it's almost as if open source software can be marketed with open source marketing!

helios goes on to say: "Tux500 was lead by two people with an idea many did not agree was the best way to accomplish our goals."

Golly wow, you don't suppose somebody gave him a subtle hint about that, do you? I couldn't imagine. Anyway, helios says:

"It will truly have input from the glogal community, not a perceived payoff for a specific local area. Our efforts will be as strong in Bamberg Germany as they are in Boise Idaho."

Gee, that actually makes sense. I read it over and over again, and I'm not cringing. Don't helios' ideas usually make me cringe?

It might even turn out to work like:

  1. People post ideas, with details on how it can be accomplished and how much money it will cost. Anything that affects the plan, i.e. deadline, whether the poster has a friend who can do it, etc., is included with the proposal. As much detail as possible about how to accomplish it would be required.
  2. The community votes together at regular intervals to decide which plans are put in action.
  3. The plans that cost money which get the majority vote can be the ones they spend money on. The plans that are free, anybody can go ahead and implement.
  4. Along the way, money can be continuously pooled in an account, which is handled in an open-books fashion, with full collections and expenditures published on the site. There would be no question about where each penny came from nor where it went.

Wouldn't that be interesting? Kind of like how other, current open source projects work.

Now, I'm not slinging people over there right away to tell them to sign up or anything. I'll try to curb my enthusiasm until we see how this is going. Also, it wouldn't do for me to jump into it myself just yet. I'd not want to risk ruffling any feathers with my presence (including my own...). Best to let things cool down first. I had this terrible nightmare recently, something about a car, but it's slowly fading away...

But for anybody else who wants to sign up (just to be a member, mind you, no harm in that), that link again is:

"the Tux Project".

Update: I'm seeing some good ideas. One is a computer help Q&A session on the radio in which announcers could emphasize that certain problems don't happen on Linux, and another is simply a campaign to have everybody wear their Linux T-shirts/gear out in public for one day during the Linux kernel's anniversary. See, cost-effective and sensible!

What was the problem before? Dunno. Why aren't any of these new ideas firing everybody up like last time? Dunno. Yet all it took was for helios to say "Racecar!" and the hordes of zombies hit the streets.

T-shirts and hats! Yes, I still have my computer-convention FOSS-themed swag in arms reach. I wear it a lot. That'd be no problem at all.

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