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Linux to game developers: No More Excuses

Date/Time Permalink: 03/04/07 02:36:13 pm
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five games on my desktop

My classic gaming jones lately is insatiable. What's going on on my desktop here? Top left: Alone in the Dark running on DOSbox, Top Right: Legend of Zelda running on ZSNES, Bottom row: Arcade classics "Strider", "Black Tiger", and "Mr. Do's Castle" running in XMAME.

These are all running simultaneously on a single desktop. On a mid-line PC with an AMD Duron, 256MB RAM, and ancient graphics card. Flawlessly, no sound stuttering, no glitches, timing perfect, everything just like they played on their original machines. Not to mention that other users report Battlefield 2, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike Source, Half-Life 2, UT2004, and many others can be made to run flawlessly on a Linux box. Not to mention the dozens more games that run through Wine.

If free software hobbyists can do this in their spare time, commercial gaming companies officially no longer have an excuse for not porting games to the Linux platform. Certainly not at $40-$60 per title. There was a time when I was a regular customer at the mall gaming software shop, and I bought at least one new title per month to run on a Windows box. Now that I'm turned on to how easy platform emulation is on Linux, I have once again noticed that I spend more time playing on my computer than working on it. Except this time around, it's all on free downloads + ripped ROMs. (By the way, every game you see here I originally spent money to play, either by owning the cassette/disk or spending plenty of quarters in the arcade, so it's at least somewhat justified.)

Dell just showed us that the old "lack of market demand" excuse for Linux is falling flat. 200,000 users flooded Dell with requests for Linux pre-installed on their machines. That's just one manufacturer! Never mind the hundreds of thousands of Linux users, such as I, who gave up on Dell years ago.

Previous to the Dell fiasco, I might have had my doubts about the commercial interests of Linux. But the last straw man has been beaten; from here on out, if you run a technology company and refuse to support Linux, it's because history's biggest and most oppressive monopoly is paying you not to. IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE. And I'm tired of having my intelligence insulted by spokes-suits trying to claim otherwise. I'm also sick unto puking at the pathetic slaps on the wrist from the government which do nothing to stop it.

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