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Linux mind-map

Date/Time Permalink: 04/17/06 02:57:26 pm
Category: LINKS and Lists

Funny, I saw the mind-map buzzed about on various sites before discovering that it originated from one of the bloggers that I link to, All About Linux Knew I could pick 'em!

What surprised me about this is that it's rather complete. I honest to God believed myself to be the only one to have tried the Hal 91 floppy (and you're on your own, here, pardner, the site seems to be down), but there it is! I know some that aren't shown: grml would be descended from Knoppix, and Rock and T3 are also "from scratch" distros. And Grafpup comes off of Puppy. Either Elive CD isn't there or I'm missing it - where would it branch? I think it is in it's own category. Of course, to go by the comments, there are plenty of people clamoring to add excluded distros already.

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