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Linux Doesn't Need To Kiss Anyone's Ass

Date/Time Permalink: 04/21/11 02:43:44 pm
Category: Geek Culture

While we're all having a little block party about Linux's 20th anniversary, there's still this one little thing I'd like to propose. It's an old problem, I've been complaining about it off and on for the five years I've been running a Linux-geared site, and it just gets worse. My post on The Linux Insecurity Complex just touches on the matter.

I'd like to see the Linux community be assertive. No, wait, I'd actually like to see the Linux community grow some... pardon me but there's no better way to put it for male and female alike... BALLS. No, wait, I'd actually like to see the Linux community get in touch with its inner asshole, just for a refreshing change of pace for a few months, then gear back down to merely having balls for a few months, and then, after showing the bullies that we can stand up to them, just settle down to being constantly assertive forever after that.

That's right, Linux community: YOU'RE TOO DAMNED NICE!

I'm tired of everybody cringing in the corner apologizing for GNU/Linux and FOSS. I'm tired of these submissive little floor-kissers scurrying around to rush to the frat-hazing list of demands presented by the troll community. I'm tired of Linux being the only platform that is always under attack.

You know that part where some astroturf troll goes "Linux needs to do this and that because that's how Microsoft does it." The old way has been "Sure, Mr. Astroturf Troll! I'll just burn everything down to the foundation and begin again, this time making it clone Microsoft more faithfully." Now, the new way should be "If you want Windows so bad, go run it."

Or that part where they trot out the tired old, "If Linux wants to gain marketshare it should blah blah blah..." The proper response should be "I don't insist that everyone uses Linux any more than a backhoe manufacturer should insist that everyone drive a backhoe. Linux is the correct tool built to solve the problems it solves, and it solves them. The end."

You know that part where the wimpy little pissants of the world rain down on you with cries of "elitist! arrogant! condescending!" and so on? Try standing up to it. These words are the only defense of the anti-intellectual, who forever clings to their ignorance and laziness using humility as their thin defense. If you worked to learn something, you are now a better person than the idle sloth who has refused to learn. Contrary to what the Objectivists will tell you, it is knowledge and work, not wealth, that proves merit.

You know that absurd way others try to make you feel like a second-class citizen for running Linux? Look them in the eye and shrug, responding, "Well, Linux is good enough for the US Army, the New York Stock Exchange, and Google Inc., I'm damned sure it's good enough for me."

There should be a new social rights movement to send marches, pickets, and class-action lawsuits in defense of the Alternative Technology Lifestyle. Well? Are we, like, NOT entitled to common human respect or something?

Act like a target, and the world will keep shooting at you. It's a lesson every junior high school student has to learn regarding the bullies. Now it is time for the Linux... "community" isn't the right word, I prefer "tribe"... to learn the same.

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