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Linus debates GPL in classic email

Date/Time Permalink: 06/14/07 08:48:48 am
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OK, normally I don't post just to say "Look at this link!", but go look at this link. Linus responds to a critic in regards to the Great GPL Debate, and in the process crafts a posting right up there with the greatest hits of the open source demigods.

Some particular gems:

"sharks with lasers" - There you go, Internet! A new meme! Spread your wings and fly, little meme.

"Read up on your humpty-dumpty some day." - Somehow, I missed that one in the Logical Fallacies list. So, the Humpty-Dumpty fallacy: attempting to argue a point by redefining words.

Just for the record: I'm *STILL* 50/50 on GPL3. All sides of this argument have some good points. When it's all said and done, use the license you want. I'm still happier having GPL3 as an option if I see a need for it.

On the one hand, I see GPL3 as more of a "loop-hole closer" to GPL2. On another hand, I didn't see the need to stop Tivo. On another hand, I do see the need to stop Microsoft from co-opting all of Linux. On another hand, I don't see where GPL3 will stop that, either. On another hand, I need to trim my fingernails...

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