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Linux at Dell on YouTube

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Quick, before it gets Digg'd into oblivion, go see the Linux at Dell ad on YouTube (link in title).

It's very cute. It does have a homemade, rough edges feel to it, and in places sounds like "we're trying too hard." But heck, it's an improvement over the nothing there was before.

Just to rescue this from being a "Looka Dat!" post, may I suggest to the thin air and anybody else listening that, since we will be making Linux commercials anyway, we make a few showing Linux on the desktop doing its stuff?

Just round up some local Linux users and film them doing simple tasks that highlight what a breeze it is to use a system that gets out of your way and lets you be productive.

Think of all the features that Linux has that proprietary systems lack... [Fade into wavy dream sequence]

φ A web developer sets a coffee cup on the desk and begins whipping up a web page. She throws together a template in NVU on desktop one, makes a quick banner and logo in Gimp on desktop two, views the results in Firefox on desktop three, and tarballs the project in her file manager on desktop four and uploads it to the server in Firefox, all without minimizing a window. She carefully sips her coffee - no, still too hot.

φ A kid is playing games on her computer. She calls out to dad, "You didn't install TuxPaint." Dad comes over, logs in, opens Synaptic, installs TuxPaint, and logs out. The kid finds TuxPaint in the menu and starts drawing.

φ Somebody runs 'uptime' at the command prompt. *ONLY* 48 days? What happened 48 days ago? Everybody thinks for a minute before somebody goes, oh, snap, that thunderstorm that knocked out the power.

φ (voice over screen shots) Vista can look like this.. (Vista theme 1) or this... (Vista theme 2), etc. But Linux can look like this (TWM) or this (KDE running Plastik theme) or this (GNUStep looking just like NeXT Step) or this (Enlightenment running LCARS theme)...

φ IT workers in big server room: "Hey, Joe! We need to have this new feature added to this application." "Oh, gosh, it's Friday afternoon, I don't know if I can get the vendor on the phone now. And I'll have to push the service request bill by accounting. And if they can get somebody to come by this weekend, we'll need to have somebody here to let them in... oh, WAIT a minute, I forgot, it's open source! Just open it in a text editor and I'll show you where to add the line..."

Linux... the YOU machine.

[Wavy dream sequence dissipates.]

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