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LINK to Online Lexicons

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A lexicon is a kind of dictionary or glossary. What, don't tell me you've gotten through life this far with just a Webster's unabridged?

  • Red Hat's Glossary
    Red Hat Linux's own glossary to Linux terms. Much of it applies to the rest of Linux besides Red Hat, and even to computers in general.
  • Symbols
    A dictionary of occult symbols. Really.
  • Skeptic's Dictionary
    The alphabetical guide to superstitions.
  • Symbolism Dictionary
    A different symbol lexicon, this tells you what certain objects represent, like in allegories.
  • Simpsons neologisms
    An exhaustive guide to every word ever made up in the history of the Simpsons TV series.
  • Cognitive Biases Wiki
    Find out what kind of bias you have!
  • Blog Glossary
    A list of word definitions specific to blogging.
  • Rune Dictionary
    A guide to the meanings of runes. Useful for coming up with unique screen names that sound mystically cool.
  • Ben's Acronyms
    Chat abreviations and such.
  • The Jargon File
    The original computer-jargon file, now a major production by our community bard, Eric S. Raymond.
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