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libcaca - for your 1337 D3M0z

Date/Time Permalink: 03/05/07 09:42:48 am
Category: ANSI art

libcaca demos

Libcaca is one of those surprises you didn't know you had installed until you stumble on it. In my case, I found it was installed on both my Slackware 11.0 and grml 0.9.

Libcaca is the color text graphics library - viewing its demos will take you right back to the days of ANSI and VGA graphics. Except that it's got a modern edge to it - libcaca acknowledges its roots in aalib, the ASCII graphics library. Pictured here are the demos for plasma, metaballs, and fire. They have some active development still going on, including a couple of games and an image viewer. It also has a server and an animation player.

Yet another character graphics toy. But this is one of the more impressive out there. And be sure to visit the 'TOIlet' on the libcaca site - a while ago, discovered Unicode block letters and went temporarily nuts. They'd lose their heads for good if somebody posted a libcaca sig in there.

a cacasig

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