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Isn't It Strange That Microsoft Only Singles Out *Linux* As "Infringing On Its Patents"?

Date/Time Permalink: 05/02/10 04:18:33 pm
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Good ol' Roy Schestowitz continues the quest for truth over at a new site, And while pursuing the latest scoop on Microsoft's continued puppetry of the media, a lightning bolt suddenly hit me. So even though I retired from direct Linux activism, I'll visit this one time since I've had an idea which I don't see anyone else raising:

Funny how it's always Linux which Microsoft is alleging is infringing on Microsoft's patent portfolio, isn't it? Not FreeBSD, not OpenBSD, not NetBSD, not Solaris (open or closed), not Plan Nine From Bell Labs, not ReactOS, not Minix, not GNU-HURD, not any of the flavors of proprietary Unix.

Very, very odd. It's amazing how Linux could have so much in common with so many other Unix-related/ derived/ inspired operating systems, and yet its just Linux, specifically, that gets all the fire. Those of you who have tried one of the BSDs or Solaris know what I'm talking about. If Linux infringes soooooooo many Microsoft patents, then how do the other Unix-like systems manage to infringe none at all? Because from the desktop and from a good part of the command line, you almost can't tell one from the other when they're running. For instance, I've run KDE on all three of Linux, BSD, and Solaris, and it feels like the same system, widgets and all. ls still ls's, locate still locates, grep still greps, I've shared files between all three.

On a side thought, you know one Linux distro I'll bet Microsoft never goes after for "patent infringement"? Oracle Unbreakable Linux! Because Larry Ellison can match Gates, Ballmer, and company almost dollar for dollar on money and lawyers, has the chutzpah to not be pushed around, and damn sure can beat them in the brains department.

Just one of those things that makes me go "Hmmmm" today...

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Update 5/10/10: Somebody else is going "hmmmm" too, and they're concluding that when it comes to software patents, Microsoft ain't got nothin'. As Mr. Spock observed in The Corbomite Maneuver: "A most interesting game, this... poker."

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