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Iowa wildlife report: bunnies!

Date/Time Permalink: 05/07/08 01:38:34 pm
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Excuse for not mowing the lawn lately #137: I have a nest of bunnies.

bunny pic 1

bunny pic 2

bunny pic 3

The kids discovered a bunny nest on our front lawn. Evidently, rabbits dig holes in the ground, birth their brood, and then cover the hole with some dried grass and bits of their own fur. We have been careful not to touch them so as not to leave human smell on them, and so far they seem to be OK with our occasional intrusion.

As I understand it, rabbits lactate like any mammal, and the mother nurses them only a few minutes out of the day, but rabbit milk is powerful nutritious, so it balances out. Bunnies take about a month to mature enough to go it alone. Also, rabbits aren't particularly attentive mothers. We've seen her come back to the nest at night. Usually she leaves it with more grass and fur piled on it, in an attempt to hide it better. With wilderness all around us, I don't know why she chose the lawn of a suburban home for her nursery.

So the pics aren't too sharp, because I'm trying to be non-intrusive. I resisted the urge to pose them with left-over Easter candy. The big one on top was aggressive, hopping up at me a little and making fierce spitting noises. Then they all turned over and tried to burrow deeper into the ground, so I'd have nothing but pictures of six to eight (?) bunny butts.

This is your "Awwww! Cute!" moment for the day.

UPDATE: The bunnies matured after two weeks and all left the nest to go on with their bunny lives. The one aggressive one was the first brave adventurer, bounding about our lawn for two days to scout the world while the others stayed behind. He even let me pet him on the last day before they all left!

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