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Iowa Microsoft anti-trust case ends in defeat

Date/Time Permalink: 02/14/07 06:15:08 pm
Category: General

How disappointing. The Iowa anti-trust case against Microsoft, which I was so happy to see happen in my home state (and blogged about), has ended up with Microsoft pulling some of its blood-soaked money out of its deep pocket, handing it over, and skipping away to keep doing exactly the same as before.

I would happily see all the money in the world set on fire if it meant that our legal system actually enforced right and wrong. But I suppose I'm being a syrupy sentimentalist.

maybe some day

PS Posting is sparse. Been busy working. Also, the quality of my own site tends to go down when I'm saving all the good stuff for paying customers. The good stuff will be posted on somebody else's site just like it would be on mine, so the world isn't out much.

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