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Interface Fail: Yahoo Answers

Date/Time Permalink: 03/24/09 12:22:05 am
Category: Humor

You know an assistant is bad when it makes you wish for Clippy.

I was toddling along answering a Yahoo question and doing my best to ignore the Annoying Critical Box that pops up on the right to inform you that the proper name you just typed in isn't in the dictionary. You know, as if built-in spell-checkers in web-browsers were this unheard-of feature that only advanced alien races had discovered? And as if this does anything about spelling on Yahoo anyway?

But having avoided spelling errors in this case, the A.C.B. had a stern warning for me regardless:

Too! much? punctuation!, eh?

oops im sory yuhoo iz dis bettr im nut uzing puntuacion r 2 muc spelin now i jus tak in leetxt lk al yr otr uzrz sory 4 bein 2 smrt wont hapn agin

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