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Intel releases OLPC clone; flames begin...

Date/Time Permalink: 04/02/07 12:04:59 pm
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The link in the title goes to Intel's own "Classmate PC" project, another attempt to provide a scaled-down laptop to the needy citizens of the developing world. Intel seems to have put some thought into it. The design looks a little better than the OLPC. My only question is, what's the price?

But of course, because it has the option of Mandriva Linux installed, the frenzied hordes of Slashdot are congregating to flame it to oblivion. I especially like the stats comparing the Windows XP and Mandriva Discovery 2007 requirements:

Flash Storage: Windows: 2Gig Mandriva: 1Gig
Memory footprint: Windows: 1Gig Mandriva: 500MB

Mind you, this is Intel, the right hand of "Win-tel", publishing these stats. Bet to it that the story gets buried on Digg as well.

Isn't it funny how the praise is heaped on the "Microsoft Partners in Learning Program for Governments" for their wonderful charity work, but as soon as you change the installed software to Linux, suddenly the third-world students become naked savages subsisting on tree bark and grubs who need only food instead of a hand up to joining the information age? Just one more example of the glass ceiling over Linux.

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