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Looks like we finally have an answer to Mad Penguin's troll-question "Is a Linux Civil War brewing?" That answer is "Depends on who's trying to start one."

Remember that story on Slashdot yesterday in which Linus Torvalds allegedly indulged in name-calling with the FSF? Did it seem to you like this was a little far out there, even for a normally outspoken and opinionated Torvalds? That's because it was MADE UP by!

It doesn't surprise me that Information Week would be sloppy, irresponsible, and have an axe to grind against Free Software. It is shocking that they would deliberately do this. I think it is nice and restrained of Free Software Magazine to call I.W.'s article "misleading", but to me it looks like what Information Week did was tell a BIG FAT LIE, with the intention of breeding FUD in the Linux community, and then getting Slashdot to run it.

And quite possible toasting their action with brandy and cigars as they sat back to watch the flamewar bloom.

Just a friendly reminder: the Internet can spread falsehoods as well as truths. I was falling for it yesterday myself, figuring if it got past Slashdot, it must be so.

Update: Here is I.W. again, this time it's "Ye Olde Too-Many-Distros Trolle". That one's so old, I wouldn't be surprised if they found it inscribed in hieroglyphics on a pyramid somewhere.

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