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India Does What the United States Can't

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Here, would everybody like some positive Linux news for a change?

The Indian government launches the FOSSEducation initiative.

The details are there in the link, but I'd just like to point out a few phrases in the article which, as an American, just taste good to say out loud for a change.

"...Gujarat State Education Board(GSEB) to give 50% weightage to Open Source and Linux in Computer subject across all streams (Science, Commerce and Arts)."

A state education board setting a mandate of FOSS/Linux at least half the time! US education boards are still haggling over whether we can teach evolution or not.

"Ministry of Human Resource Development"

You know, as opposed to a "tech czar" in the US, who isn't even an engineer (Robert Cresanti has a BA and a JD), and whose chief concern seems to be making sure nobody listens to music or watches movies without paying.

"the National Mission on Education"

You know, as opposed to "No Child Gets Ahead Left Behind".

"The goal of the project is to replace the use of commercial tools in Indian science and engineering education at the college level"

Isn't that funny? I don't hear anybody in India screaming "Elitist! Elitist! Elitist! Burn the elitist witch for wanting people to learn!" I don't see Indians waving their hands going "But I barely know how to turn a computer on!" I'll bet more than 8% of Indians can tell you what a browser is!

Update And in case you were thinking India is an exception,
Linux Laptops Bestsellers in Germany
Brazil schools go Linux, 26 thousand computer labs

8/22/09 Meanwhile Corporations are now detaching from the USA.

9/7/09 Meanwhile Russia trains 60 thousand teachers in Linux. What ever happened to that country that wanted to stay ahead of "the Rooskies"?

10/15/09 Meanwhile France - the whole country - is running on open source. Top to bottom, side to side, through and through.

Oh, and Uraguay has given every student a Linux computer. Remember that favorite target of American trolls, the OLPC? It went through anyway! It's getting affordable Linux laptops into children's hands anyway. Americans bitch and moan, Uraguayans progress.

10/27/09 While America continues to decline.

12/28/09 And Alternet asks (finally!) "Are Americans a Broken People?" I mean, how obvious is it anymore?

1/16/10 And even Croatian school textbooks are pro-FOSS - with features on Ubuntu, OpenOffice.org, and a ten-page manual on the Gimp! While America collectively bitches about how hard it is to use.

3/1/10 Where do junior-high students build their own computer? In Italy. Our kids are junior high this year, and here in the US they have yet to have a single, solitary day of computer courses. Not even typing. In Iowa, one of the top academic states in the US.

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