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Image Magick Banner Generator - part 5

Date/Time Permalink: 03/25/08 01:17:45 am
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So here we are all at the end of the Image Magick banner generation project. So I was twiddling about typing different little strings into "random_banner.sh" and displaying the results. And then I had the idea to write this script:



  for NUM in $(seq 1 100);
    WORD1=$(./random_line.sh /usr/share/dict/words)
    WORD2=$(./random_line.sh /usr/share/dict/words)
    ./random_banner.sh "$WORD1 $WORD2"
    mv Banner.png ./banner_gallery/$NEWFILE

exit 0

What it does is pick two random words from /usr/share/dict/words and pop them through the banner generator, then save them in a subfolder. 100 at a time. Then I can browse through the folder later and cherry-pick anything interesting.

The result is a toy that's half word-play and half image-play. Most of the results either have no meaning or aren't very pretty, but some of them are very interesting.

Some are just crying out to have blogs written under them:


...perhaps "Needing Guiltily" is already being used for some passionate, torid, bodice-ripper journal somewhere...


Others sound like they're a good business idea:


...if you saw a lingerie store called "Censored Fashions", you'd want to browse around, wouldn't you?


...there's a hip, Faith Popcorn-type business waiting to be founded with the name "Serendipity Throughput". I can just feel it.

Other results are just cool for no specific reason:


There's that imp! I've been looking all over for it!


A "mead aura" is the alcoholic glow you get from drinking too much mead.


There, I've invented my own word! "Piddlemushy" means semi-liquid soft. Used in a sentence: "This cake didn't bake long enough - the middle of it is still piddlemushy!" Somebody with an Urban Dictionary account want to make it official?


...but at least it's not a doping speeder.

Then again, some of these sound like the product of a dirty mind...




That's one of those phrases that doesn't leave your mind for a while. I just hope there's no such thing...

Anyway, I'd better be

So, to wrap up: The usefulness of toys like these, besides dadaist entertainment, is to act as a catalyst for ideas. If you feel a creativity slump, you can run off a dozen of these and surf them, sampling each concept as the system pitches phrases at you that you never thought of before, and draws them in sometimes compelling ways that add an extra shade of meaning.

But really, I hope I've demonstrated some of the capacity of the fantastic Image Magick. It really is a misunderstood program, as most people don't know the tenth of what it can do.

Yet another another lazy banner

The whole Image Magick Banner Generator project:

part 1 - get a random line from a file, applying bevels and borders to an image.
part 2 - generate a solid or gradient background.
part 3 - generate a pattern or plasma noise background.
part 4 - generate the text itself, and use all of the previous scripts to make a banner.
part 5 - a final wrapper script, and some funny results.
Project Tarball with all scripts, GPL'ed

Useful Image Magick links:

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