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If Linux Isn't Successful, Why Is Everybody Talking About It?

Date/Time Permalink: 09/22/07 01:49:22 am
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Today is a banner day, because I'm doing something I don't often do: Linking to and agreeing with Information Week.

The title of the piece (link in title) is actually "Why Linux Is Already A Success", echoing a sentiment I've expressed many times, that Linux does not need to replace Microsoft. I especially like Yegulalp's movie analogy: there are movies that are successful because they made a pile of money, and then there are movies that touched hearts.

Honestly, every time I read somebody ranting about "Linux needs to do this, Linux needs to do that..." I always think, "Who asked you to draw up an agenda?" Linux may not make a pile of money... but it touches hearts.

GNU/Linux is, when all said and done, a lovable operating system. It is democratic computing, the rebel spirit, the perfection of doing things right instead of "close enough" to fool Joe Sixpack into buying it.

Regardless of whether Linux marches forward from this point, it was still worth doing and experiencing. This is why I'm also kind of indifferent to whether Linux gets the market share or BSD or Open Solaris or any other freedom system. Liberty computing is the point, not the brand name.

UPDATE: Wow, people really are finally getting it right! After years of screaming words just like this at the boneheads, I at last have other people beginning to say, "Hold it! Maybe Linux is good because it's different! And if we make it just like the other systems, we'll sacrifice what makes it good."

Just one thing: Given the present (non-computing) political climate, I'd say he has the definitions of liberal and conservative exactly backwards. But maybe that's how things look from Asia.

Do you think, maybe, just possibly, somebody, somewhere, has a clue that just maybe something in the world matters besides money once in a while???

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