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I've got my E2 Bunny!

Date/Time Permalink: 04/01/07 07:59:36 am
Category: Humor

I wasn't going to post today - every site on the net is fighting for attention today - but I just needed a place to save this souvenir bunny. Once you catch them, you have to lock them up in a CSS div box before they escape.

Everything2 bunny

If you have no clue what this is all about, don't worry. For the rest of you figuring out the puzzles on Everything2's April Fools/Easter party, I'll drop you these three little clues to say "thanks for reading":

  1. You will know moloch well
  2. Look for number 36
  3. You will need 12 nickels

No, no more hints. I've helped you way too much already!

NOTE: Even though the post isn't funny itself, it's in the Humor category because it relates to April Fool's Day, the only holiday based on humor.

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