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I Never Said A Proper Goodbye...

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This blog is closed, and has been closed since 2013.

Go check my home page to discover all the nifty new stuff I’m doing. I assure you, this blog pales in comparison to everything I’m doing now.

Still, the old posts here get a tiny trickle of traffic, so I thought I’d give this blog its proper headstone. In large part, I retired this blog because the world moved on, and everything I hoped to accomplish here came to pass anyway, with or without my help.

The World Moved On...

Gone is the hope that STEM careers and the technology renaissance will save the world. Society is now permanently divided into the technology illuminatti and the vast, idle consumers. I did not succeed in turning the world into a hivemind of hackers.

But the desktop moved on to the mobile platform, and everything wrong with the desktop era became fixed in the mobile era. Computers are now no longer in danger of being dumbed down for the anti-intellectuals, because the anti-intellectuals now have the mobile platform to toy with and the desktop dinosaurs are once again the province of the true productive worker. Linux on the desktop no longer has to be hammered into the template of a toy for the end users. The end users have their toys; the hackers have their tools. Both now have what they want.

Linux Won!

We just call Linux “Android” now. After all those years of wringing our hands about the Microsoft monopoly, we “won” the desktop war simply by being nimble enough to establish a stake on the standard that came just after the desktop. When the mobile platform caught on, there was no United Way event for Bill Gates’ mother to network for him with the CEO of IBM to establish the Microsoft desktop dictatorship. Since the mobile platform was established by merit, Linux won easily and Microsoft got lost trying to keep up.

Microsoft has now had to bow to its new master, whom it formerly whipped so viciously and so fruitlessly all those decades. Microsoft has even had to join the Linux foundation.

The Hippies Lost!

More importantly, most importantly, the best victory I can lay a personal claim to: All of the above got done in spite of the hellish efforts of the hippies.

To define “the hippies”: The protesters, the “Linux advocates,” the TUX500 scammers, Anonymous, LULZSEC, the #OccupyWallStreet loafers, the geek-shamers, the Randroids, the Paultards, the Bernie Bros, and everybody who flung the epithet “elitist” at anybody who typed on a keyboard or read a book. All the filthy, toking, hairy bums who threw themselves under the wheels of progress did nothing to slow down the laborers of the world - including yours truly! - whose hard work and sweat forged the identity of Linux and open source in the pioneer days and promoted it to the business sector, where it always belonged.

I don’t have many claims to fame, but I’m willing to drop my usual humility to brag for a paragraph or two about my success in almost single-handedly holding back the hippies from doing a Pol Pot number on the technology world.

I Never Wanted To Be A Revolutionary...

This blog was originally started to be a positive space to promote constructive hackers, discovering new and exciting stuff they could do on their home machines and the exciting developments that reshaped the open source world from the early 2000s to the late 2010s. However, I quickly found that promoting the renaissance didn’t sit well with the hippies, who would have us all shot for being intellectuals and would have the rest of us digging a ditch in the mud, all starving but at least “free” of “eliteness.”

This is how it literally went down:

Me: “Look at this cool thing I did on the computer! Let me show you readers how to do this cool thing so you can do it too!”

Hippies: “No, don’t show them that! Linux can’t do anything because it has command lines and programming and you have to read stuff! Reading is for elitists! We want Linux for Joe Sixpack so it will be just as dumb as Windows and then the whole world will be dumb like us! Dumb everything down, burn all the books, hang all the nerds!”

Me: “Well, shit.”

So this blog quickly turned into a defensive fort. For about seven years, the few of us who just wanted to do something cool with our tech tools found ourselves under constant siege. Oh, the enemies I made on here! I would love to list them here by name, just to thumb my nose at them from my present lofty position, but why validate their scummy existence now? The archives are right there at the top of the sidebar and you can tell which posts were my battle calls.

For those of you who were nastily surprised at the recent election of Donald Trump, I was pissing myself laughing. I knew all about these people, I’d been fighting them for years. Sadly, it looks like they’ve set their sights higher than mere technology now. They might end up doing to the United States what they wanted to do to Linux.

But damn ‘em all, human nature is just that edge of 51% good to ensure that no Pol Pot will ever win in the long run.

See you in the trenches!

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