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I'm Not The Only One Suspicious Of Adobe

Date/Time Permalink: 02/15/10 01:30:07 pm
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So, there's a lot of squawking and feathers flying over Adobe and HTML5. If you're new to the story, AJAXian has a good roundup of it so far.

Just an addendum to an earlier thought, here. A few posts back, I audaciously stated that I believe that the Gimp (open source image editing software) is being sabotaged, and that Adobe is behind it. Sure, no proof yet on that one, may never be, but if there is, I wanted to lay claim to saying it first. There's only so many smoking guns you need to find before you have to conclude that something's been shot, even though you didn't see shooting.

Anyway, a much larger crowd is accusing Adobe of sabotaging HTML5. Now, I've not been following that one - mainly because I've learned not to expect anything of web standards. If web standards worked, Microsoft and Adobe would be out of business today.

Today I find Adobe's corporate denial. And believe me, if I didn't pay attention to this fight before, I sure am going to start now! That blog is a snide, slovenly, sloppy attack, stated in the terms of big bullies who's been caught bullying and lie their butt off about it even while they try to wipe the blood from their knuckles. And the denial amounts to "Adobe isn't blocking HTML5; technical issues are! (Oh, and we made up all the technical issues and have a rent-a-mod hatching up more issues day and night.)"

You know how you're just toddling along and all of a sudden somebody jumps up and denies something that you didn't even know they were accused of, but the way they do it makes you think that they must be guilty? That's just what happened here. Groundless rumors would be laughed off, if they even got any attention at all. Adobe is really, really worried about people believing this one.

Just a reminder: You don't have to be Microsoft to be an evil, proprietary software corporation.

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