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Date/Time Permalink: 11/14/06 05:18:10 am
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I've been leaving this blog sit for a while until I finished my most recent monster writing job. Job finished, client happy, and Holiday money in my pocket, I can now at last turn to something I've been putting off for a while because it's Big and Ugly: moving back to my old office box!

This will be good-bye to grml as an installed system (wonderful workhorse that it's been!) and switching hard drives between the machines and installing Slackware 11.0 on the new office box. And that will be only the beginning of the job, because I'm going to be installing all the extra stuff on Slackware and tweaking it to suit, etc. All while being careful to back up files I want to save, but at least now I'll have a hard drive big enough to run *everything*!

Final impression of grml (this is 0.6 I have): wonderful for sysadmins, writers, and hackers. Flat-out lousy for gamers, graphics artists, or anybody who's all GUI. zsh has been a bothersome experience, and I see grml 0.8 onward has dropped it in favor of Bash. I know zsh has a raving fan base, but if you're used to nothing but Bash then zsh is irritating. It's eccentric tendency to try to compensate for typos by changing the command to "what it thinks I really wanted to do" - sometimes to something disastrous - has made me nervous whenever I use it.

Anyway, it's vacation time from the website for this week. Enjoy the last of Indian summer, folks, until next week.

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