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I Finally Got the FOSS Directory Going

Date/Time Permalink: 08/05/10 11:57:07 am
Category: Site News

If you've skipped past the front page of my site, you'll notice that the "FOSS directory" section no longer says "coming soon." Yeah, I finally got something done on my website for a change!

Note that it's not done. It will never be done, because new links come and go. But a brief rundown of what section is what:

  • Linux - Will have sites, help, and blogs about Linux.
  • FOSS - All software that's not Linux - other operating systems, plus the programs that run on a typical FOSS system.
  • Code - Programming, scripting, and markup, broken down by language.
  • Other - Not even FOSS-related, but just useful stuff that sorta goes along with the geek lifestyle. News is basically there for me as much as anyone.

Why am I doing this? Because I used to have a blogroll in the sidebar of this blog, but Google was dinging my PageRank for having too many outbound links. So I'm building things back up, and here is a special one-time offer:

Suggest a Link!

Just haul off in the comments section and recommend me something that would be good to fill a section, with the section you think it should go in. Mind you, just because I only have one link in a section doesn't mean that's all I have in mind, I just haven't gotten around to everything yet. But I'll especially appreciate any blog recommendations for Linux, FOSS, programming, or general geekery.


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