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I Died And Went To Otaku Heaven Last Night

Date/Time Permalink: 11/22/12 01:11:57 pm
Category: Geek Culture

The sign in the lobby of Right Stuf with Astroboy accompanying

For those of you not terribly interested in football, balloon parades, and turkey dinners today, allow me to flash my anime bling from last night's little party with my local Linux user's group:

My anime loot!

That was a DVD pack given away as a door prize at the headquarters of Right Stuf (with one 'f'), an anime and manga distributor / studio right here in central Iowa. They hosted the LUG for a presentation on their latest moves in data architecture. That was a big screen presentation in a little theater with lots of pretty charts in VMWare and zooming Google Earth pans showing global traffic coming in. Gee, wow. I'm sure those of you more heavily involved in server-farms and data warehousing would have paid much more attention to it than I, lowly content creator. But then there was the pizza and a tour of their facility. Fan heaven!










So anyway, you all know what we're having a marathon watching for Thanksgiving. Beats the pants off football!

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