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HOWTO remove unwanted search entries from the Linux Firefox searchbar

Date/Time Permalink: 05/27/06 12:00:07 am
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Pretty specific. But this has been a low-grade annoyance since when, and I finally spent the time to figure it out. It isn't very well known on the web, so here it is:

Simply: be root (or su) go to /usr/local/firefox-installer/searchplugins/ (or equivalent to where your Firefox is installed). Find the two files named after the search option you don't like. Delete them. For instance, I got tired of looking at eBay and Amazon - searching is something I do for *information*, not to buy something (I know right where to go to buy something!). So the ebay one is eBay.png (the icon) and eBay.src (plain old XML format file) in the aforementioned directory.

You can add search plugins, too. Go here. Wiki has gotten good enough now that I consider a Wiki search to be essential for fact-finding.

As long as I'm on a Firefox post, might as well quack happily about some recent extensions I've discovered: Cute Menus changes the menu icons in the standard Firefox pull-downs to more attractive ones. It's nowhere near as vomit-inducing as the name suggests. Cooliris Preview works on a Google search-results page. With the previewer enabled, simply hover your mouse over the link and it will prefetch a small window showing the page contents. Colorful Tabs brightens up those dreary tabs!

Update: This post is obsolete for Firefox version > 2.0. The new version lets you easily customize the search offering from the site.

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