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HOWTO get Linux!

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  • 1. Buy it!
    Many software retailers now sell Linux products. Commercial
    distributions such as Red Hat/Fedora Core and Suse can be found
    this way. Often you will have better luck looking in the bookstore,
    where most Linux books come with the CD included - and you get a
    nice thick manual to learn from!
  • 2. At the library.
    Though nobody seems to think of this one, this is how I got my
    hands on my first Linux distribution - Red Hat 6.1! The CDs were in
    the library book, and installed beautifully. How's that for
    no-cost? The downside is that most distros you find this way will
    be outdated. By the way, since you pay taxes for the library anyway,
    why not suggest they get a few new Linux books?
  • 3. At an install-fest.
    Linux users regularly get together for these events in most major
    cities. Bring your computer, and the attendants of the event will
    install it while-you-wait. Unfortunately, these events have gotten
    rare - check here for Linux User groups (LUGs) and how to track them
  • 4. Buy it online. This site looks like a good start:
    Linux Central
    and this one:
    Linux Cds
  • 5. Download it and burn a CD.
    While this is my favorite method, it's the one that's technically
    hardest. You will need a CD/DVD-writer and an internet connection,
    a good 700 MegaBytes of free hard drive space (for full-size
    distros, anyway - but don't overlook smaller distros which only
    need as little as 50 MegaBytes!), and uh...the software to burn it!
    Now, on Windows, the best solution I've found is BurnCDCC, a freeware
    application which *just* burns iso's (.iso's are a special file
    type for executable disk images, which is what Linux is.). Since
    it's a special-purpose program, it's the easiest to use - start it,
    point it at the file, select a speed option, and away we go! On linux...
    that's a whole different matter - you already *have* Linux, this is
    for the people who don't have any! But I always liked the one that comes
    with Puppy Linux - I like 'em small and simple!
    On an installed Linux desktop, you can't beat K3B!
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