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How the new gallery is coming along...

Date/Time Permalink: 04/18/06 05:54:49 am
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Visitors to my graphics gallery may find it down at any time during the next 24 hours. I'm ditching Coppermine for my own gallery system.

Coppermine really never was what I needed. It's too rigidly constructed along some unknown person's idea of what they want, is riddled with bugs and security problems, and about 80% of it's features are what I don't need. What I need runs more along the lines of simple one-file scripts like I found in grml Linux, specifically cthumb, igal, and jigl. I downloaded and tried jigl and it was the closest to what I wanted; however, I opted to simply write my own gallery generator instead. This, my own program, is in Bash with guest appearances from sed and awk, uses the same command-line invocations of Image Magick utilities that the other utilities use, and is a huge pain in the ass. I wouldn't recommend anybody including myself to use it. Instead, use one of the three fine utilities I link to here.

jigl's is the inspiration for my own gallery, which I have dubbed "PEGS" (Pete's Economical Gallery System). I don't code Perl, but I can read it, and jigl is one *excellently* written program, so clearly documented that even somebody who'd never programmed a day in their lives could follow it. After that, I figured "Why not do it myself?" Because this is a huge job (currently posted wallpapers: 328), I figured it would be easier if I just had my own code to deal with. I need to get it done, because more wallpapers have been piling up.

So I'm doing it myself. This has involved 2 16-hour hacking runs, but I have it knocked out. And going into day 3 of this project, I'm having it generate the gallery modules as I write this, and should have it all uploaded to server in a little while.

UPDATE: It is up and functional now as of 4/18/06, 1:15PM. I'll see about adding features later, but the bare bones gallery is up.

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