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Date/Time Permalink: 06/20/06 11:32:14 pm
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Soul Collector

Heh, I hope this image doesn't remind you of anything you've seen in real life. I've been busy playing with the awesome Inkscape, the GPLed Scalable Vector Graphics editor for the FOSS desktop. What got me going was when I was slumming around for freelance work, I saw a listing by somebody looking to have a "tribal"-style tattoo designed for them. While I didn't take the bid, it got me thinking, and I found out that Inkscape is actually used to design tattoos. I studied the art form and also got interested in the Celtic weave designs. Then the fun part, going into sabbatical for a few days while I studied and practiced the art form. I love adding a new genre to my repertoire. You want some more? Here yah go:




Iron Butterfly


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