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Happy Birthday, Blog!

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Today is this blog's first birthday, and by extension, the whole site's birthday, though the domain is a week older. That's going by the date of the first blog post, which is as good a marker as any other.

Looking back, I've pretty much lived up to my initial mission statement. The exception is that I've been more cross-platform friendly than I initially said I would be, and especially have gone for jpg over png for quicker load times for images.

My most popular posts of the past 365 days:

The whole BBS ANSI art tour, the first of which is here. Links to the rest of the tour are at the bottom of each section - it's easier if you load them one post at a time. These were just images of the rendered ANSI art from I did finally get the character set correct. Amongst other things, it got into Boing-Boing.

How to totally fake being a geek.
One for the ladies - How to date a geek guy. These two spawned huge comment discussions. The geek community really seems to like being treated as their own culture, particularly if you peg them dead on.

Top ten signs you're been using Firefox too long. This was stupid. In an idle moment over coffee, I thumbed this out and posted it without more than ten second's thought, yet all of a sudden it got Dugg so fast that it made my server melt - the only time that's happened! It still gets links. Half the comments from other sites are things like "why is this so popular?" I have no idea. That'll teach me to put up something frivolous, won't it?

The most frequent searches have come in looking for info about Nethack or ASCII art. There's Nethack guides all over the Internet, but evidently my site is the highest-ranking one that mentions it???

Some posts that have sparked some really deep discussions:
Does Microsoft impose a prisoner mentality?
Linux and newbies: Some cold, hard reality.
Why Linux has zealots.

Some lost episodes:
Finally, here is a list of posts from the past year which, whether because they were posted when nobody knew this site existed yet or they just slipped by unnoticed, never got the love they deserved (in my Highly Arrogant Opinion). Y'all sure you caught these?
A Hacker's Movie List
Digital Religions - the Religions of the Geek Culture
What if Microsoft released Windows as Open Source?

Ah well, here's to another busy year!

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