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Gutsy Gibbon and the Download Frenzy

Date/Time Permalink: 10/19/07 05:30:25 am
Category: General

Just a note... I'm seeing a veritable riot erupt as everybody in the world tries to download Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon at the same time.

May I suggest that some folks be a little more patient? Try again tomorrow, say? It isn't going to run away, you know. It will still be there next week, even. Perhaps go grab a Torrent? And stay online to seed afterwards?

If you (as I used to be) are exasperated with BitTorrent clients, you haven't seen allpeers, the Firefox plugin which makes BitTorrent an absolute JOY to use. I saw the review for it on Rea Maor's pad, tried it, and haven't regretted it yet.

Now, then, can we all be polite and stand in line? I've never seen such a donnybroook over a Linux distribution before. I guess this is a sign that Linux has arrived in a big way.

UPDATE: Hmmm, sure enough there's a Slashdot story today on Comcast's unfriendliness to file sharing. And they're even sneaky about it!

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