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Google Thinks I'm Immature...

Date/Time Permalink: 01/27/12 05:08:51 pm
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I checked out this link to find out what Google knows about me through its advertising-tracking thingie. I got this:

Google demographics for Penguin Pete

Now, everything else is just about dead on. "Music, programming, and puzzles" would do alright as the title of my biography. But my age gets pegged to 18 to 24?

Hey, I'm 42 over here, Google, old enough to be your dad! And no, I prefer not to edit it, because I like to see what the algorithm thinks based on my surfing habits. For one thing, I work in online media and professionally I have to focus on the 18-24 demographic. So I go where they do. May I always have the web surfing habits of an 18-24-year-old; that's gold when you're billing yourself as a "social media consultant".

This is also why I don't understand all the hype about "Teh Evul Googul" tracking your personal data. Big deal, my gender, age, and a few of my interests? I routinely disclose more than that to complete strangers in the average coffee shop conversation.

PS Yes, I'm starting to call myself a "social media consultant". I'm still just a hack writer and artist for websites. But there's ten thousand other hack writers and artists for websites out there, and I've recently discovered that they all call themselves "social media consultants" because it sounds Web-2.0-ier and they get to jack their prices up. So OK, I sometimes call what I do "social media consulting" now.

You know what?


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