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Go See Brian Proffitt Today, re: 359 Choices

Date/Time Permalink: 07/21/07 10:13:23 am
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Yeah, old B. P. over at Linux Today has a real ringer up. It's a post after my own heart.

Yes, choice is a good thing. It is one of those "invisible hand of the marketplace" benefits to a capitalistic system, after all. Everywhere else, choice is praised. But stuff a Redmond paycheck into the pocket of an asstroturf think-tank, and all of a sudden choice - applied to operating systems - becomes the worst scourge since the Black Plague.

As always, I'd like to point out to the new Linux user that in the legendary 359 distributions of Linux,

  • ...most of them are related to each other, so once you know Red Hat you pretty much know Fedora and CentOS too.
  • ...some of them differ only by a few installed packages or so, so for instance Kubuntu is just Ubuntu with a KDE desktop.
  • ...a sizable chunk of them are just optimized for a specific country's language.

You can do that when your software is free. You can do whatever you damn please. If I had the time, it'd be a fun joke to create a new distro every time you saw the "Linux has too many distros" troll and sent it to the offender, dedicated to them.

( whatever Penguin Pete said... )
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