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Game of the Day - Quake Live

Date/Time Permalink: 05/06/10 10:01:16 am
Category: Linux Gaming

Quake Live ss1

I finally got curious as to what all the buzz is about, and tried out Quake Live. Running Ubuntu Linux and Firefox, I registered with the server and installed the plug-in. My expectations weren't very high, since I've seen countless attempts to run FPS and other 3D games in a browser before, only to find that the performance made them unplayable *anywhere*, let alone on Linux.

Quake Live ss2

I was not just surprised, but amazed, thrilled, and tickled at how well Quake Live works on Linux! I cannot tell the difference between running it in a browser and running it installed on my own system. Every effect renders perfectly, from the laser-lights over the teleporters to the smoke from a grenade launcher, fog, rain, lava, water, and all.

Quake Live ss3

Pardon the cop-outs with getting botmatch screen-shots, but it's kind of difficult to get everybody to pose for a group photo in your average deathmatch. "Wait, don't frag me, I'm taking a -" KABOOM!

Quake Live ss5

Some tips: Pings are a function of where you are in relation to the server you're playing on, and there isn't much you can do. I find that any ping rate under 100 is playable. The best weapon is usually the lightning gun, and two people fighting with them will remind you of a lightsaber duel. It's amazing how often you can frag another player just by rushing them with the gauntlet. Practice that crazy strafe-jump technique they talk about in the training center; it will pay off. Switch the zoom and jump to space-bar and right-mouse, respectively, and your movement will be more natural.

I would say "Drop by to give me a friendly grenade hello!" but I'm rarely on. And I do tank at it, at least in comparison to those who make a career out of it!

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