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Game of the Day: Metal Blob Solid

Date/Time Permalink: 10/20/06 05:37:32 pm
Category: Linux Gaming

Metal Blob Solid

Metal Blob Solid is a 2D platform action shooter with both an attitude and a sense of humor. You guide a bandanna-sporting smiley face through a map with level after level of battle zones. Pick up keys, powerups, and quest items, and don't forget to free the POW smilies.

I find this game challenging and interesting. It is a mix of being serious game play without taking itself too seriously. Kind of the "South Park" of action games; yes, our sprites suck, but what do you care? Blast that machine gun and mow five of them down in a row, watching them die in spectacular explosions and drilling sound effects. What was that about the sprites again? The physics are bouncy, the game runs smooth on any system made in the last ten years with or without a video card, and the music is cheerfully cheesy. Puzzles and secret areas await around every corner.

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