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Game of the Day: LBreakout2

Date/Time Permalink: 10/19/06 02:54:53 pm
Category: Linux Gaming

LBreakout2 screenshot

LBreakout2 is a jammy Pinot Noir with a peachy bouquet, an attack like a chess knight, and yet a round texture mid-palette with just a hint of acidity... uh, no, wait. That's a wine review. LBreakout2 is simply the classic breakout style of game we've been playing since the Atari. But on steroids. Even beyond the arcade Arkanoid. LBreakout2 has hundreds of levels and custom features.

A depth of dimension is added by bonuses which fall when certain blocks are struck. These can be both good and bad, have timed or permanent effects, and can even alter other bonuses. Blocks themselves can have a whole range of effects, including disappearing, spawning more blocks, exploding, needing multiple hits to be struck, and so on. The sound and graphics are tight and well-done, and the whole game is highly polished.

My only beef is the sound option which says "dammit" every time you miss. This is amusing the first time and annoying after that; I always disable this first. But the whole game can be customized endlessly, played multiplayer, and comes with a level editor.

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