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Now bloggers have their own code block, ensuring that yet another subdemographic can feel like a clique by posting cryptic blobs of characters to confound outsiders. Mine is:

B9 d t++ k s u-- f i+ o+ x e- l- c--

Hopefully, over time the blogger code will start showing some more evolved meanings. Right now it says the most boring things imaginable, that I've been blogging over 3 years (some of that on other freebie sites before I got this domain), have a domain, am a techie, link a little, check stats a little, don't visit popular sites as defined by the individual author of the survey, try to blog once a day or so but it's not mandatory, am fast to the keyboard with a story (I've blogged from cafes, for instance), am all about originality, have never banged a blogger (my wife doesn't count; I've been married since before blogs were heard of), don't post photos, don't follow a lot of memes, and am a publicity whore.

God, what did I leave out, that I had oatmeal for breakfast? The problem with codeblocks is that they measure you with somebody else's ruler. My original geek code I got sick of and hauled off and invented my own syntax loosely based on Geek Code classic. Just look how much you can juice these things up with an update, more flexible syntax, and some imagination:

GE/IT/AT d? s:+ a CLE(U)++++>* P@ W++$ !No:S/RSS/B++ K++
w------- OM$%<V? PS+++ PE---- Y++ PGP- !t!5!X R tv-- b++++
DI+ D+ G++ e* h---- r+++ Y+++**BDSM

It's translation (read this first):

GE/IT/AT Geek of Engineering/Info Tech/All Trades. General geek.
d? I maintain clothing sufficient to avoid being arrested or warping my kids or freezing to death.
s:+ I'm average height with a spare tire.
a I'm in my 30's.
CLE(U)++++>* Computers, Linux, Emacs, and by extension Unix are my life's passion to the point that I've devoted my life to becoming a monk in their study, with aspirations to priesthood.
P@ I use Perl when I have to, but don't really need it with the ten other languages I know.
W++$ I blog, design, and program for the web, and pretend it's my job.
!No:S/RSS/B++ OK, Usenet News and oracle are ancient history. Can we forget about them now? Instead, I read Slashdot (S) and get my news from RSS feeds and blogs.
K++ I've read Kibo.
w------- There is literally nothing too derogatory I could say about Win-duhs. It is the very thing for which the phrase "Beneath contempt, beyond damnation, and an affront to all that is decent." was coined.
OM$%< This is the only way I knew how to say "I've used OS/2 and Macintosh at jobs I've had in the past. They were adequate to the task, but didn't win me over."
V? VMS? Yes, I've heard of it in history books.
PS+++ I'm pretty much the enemy of the whole establishment, and work every day to speed it's downfall.
PE---- See PS+++
Y++ See PS+++ and PE----
PGP+++ I'm such a tin-foil-hatter, it's a wonder you were able to read this post!
!t!5!X R tv-- Trek/B5/X files all suck, yes I've role-played and what is that doing between t5X and tv, and tv sucks, hence t5X sucks. In fact, I consider rabid fans of most TV shows to not even be geeks.
b++++ Kind of explains tv--, doesn't it?
DI+ Love Dilbert. Story of my life, only funnier.
D+ I've played the first-person shooters (including Q & U!), but I'm really looking to see these things come to their own on the Linux platform. Natively.
G++ I'm looking to update this ancient code if I can help it.
e* While I have picked up the odd certificate, self-educated to a degree of making diplomas and such irrelevant for my purposes. I have held jobs where I have trained diploma-qualified subordinates while possessing none myself, to my smug amusement. Currently self-employed.
h---- Wife and kids. No, really, I'm quite happy about it! Why is this minused?
r+++ See h----. Why are these seperate?
Y+++**BDSM The Marquix de Sade was a prude. If he only could have overcome his inhibitions and played with his partners without holding back, he could have had some real fun.

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