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Forget Dell, THESE guys know how to market to Linux customers!

Date/Time Permalink: 03/08/07 03:26:22 am
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Tux-shaped computer case

What's that you say, Dell? Even if 200,000 customers demand Linux PCs, you still say no deal? That's OK, we'd rather have this KDev server anyway. I suppose if all 200,000 of you who got the cold shoulder from Dell went to KDev and asked them nicely for a home user model, maybe they'd make the case bigger and stick an ATX in there? As it is, it's a nicely outfitted LAMP server for $243.

UPDATE: Or maybe you want a full Linux laptop? Via "Motho ke motho ka botho" comes a link to System 76, with a sexy setup running Ubuntu. See, if the monopoly peons don't want your business, there's smaller shops dying for it.

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