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Flash Mish Mash

Date/Time Permalink: 04/17/08 07:47:58 am
Category: Flash

Just a random batch of utterly pointless Flash animations I've been doodling out lately. Click the image below to go to the page where they're running, which may take a minute or two to load, as always. Or click here. Or even click the title. You'll probably want to control-click and open it in a new tab and then go amuse yourself for a minute until it finishes loading.

shot of four Flash doohickeys running caddywumpus

Made with the ever-amazing SWFTools FOSS Flash toolkit for Linux. In this case, there really isn't any code to show for it - I generated these using the same techniques I outlined way back here. Just draw something and then script a loop to increment some numbers to render the next frame, compile all the image frames into Flash, add cheese and serve.

Bonus Buck: We have a new pioneer in FOSS-Flash, and the site is here. In the examples, there's a very nice tutorial on making a pure SVG animation in SWFC.

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