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Date/Time Permalink: 03/15/06 05:07:26 am
Category: General, Site News

Ah, a fresh new site, new opportunities, new horizons! I'll be porting the posts from my old Techn0manc3r blog before we get caught up.

To kick things off, I'll start with this blog's mission statements, in
order of priority:

  • (1) To be an ever-accumulating depository of learning resources for
    Free and Open Source Software. From reviews of distros and programs
    to hardware tips to program code to tutorials to tweaks and tricks:
    if I do it, I'll post it, and I do a lot. While the veteran geek
    may not find that much to learn here, I'll be focusing more on
    beginner's level instruction, so that the rest of the world may
    catch up with us geeks. Occasionally, I'll pass on interesting
    news from elsewhere, but this isn't a newsfeed blog.
  • (2) To keep the personal mutterings, biased opinions, and political
    rants to a stark minimum. I've done the personal blog, the pundit
    blog, and the op-eds before, and they quickly get boring and
    monotone. If it isn't fun for me to write, it won't be fun to
  • (3) To give no quarter to inferior/proprietary technology. I'm tired
    of trying to make all things compatible to all users. Pictures
    will be PNGs. Program code will be for POSIX-systems. Pages will
    be designed with Firefox in mind. Snow is coming up where I live,
    and I'm not going to trudge through two blocks of it to get to a
    library to see how the page looks on a proprietary system every
    time I tweak something. This isn't because I'm mean - it's because
    when I make everything all-system-compatible, I end up stuck in
    1995. Users of Windows and Internet Explorer and AOL who complain
    about the page will be ignored or given at best secondary
    consideration - I'm terribly sorry, but civilization is advancing,
    folks! Let it be with you or without you. Users of Linux, BSD, OS
    X, Sun OS, and any sundry Unix-like system who have an
    issue, tell me about it and I'll be all ears.
  • (4) To specifically serve the user who is interested in learning more
    about technology, specifically about learning a Free Operating
    system and the programs therein. Including the greenest newb! So,
    yes, send me your stupidest questions - just fire away in
    whichever comment link your cursor happens to be near.
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