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Everybody happy with Sun but Stallman (or NOT?)

Date/Time Permalink: 05/24/06 02:28:08 pm
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Link here in title: Stallman fussing that the news about Sun and Java is much hype about nothing. Ah contraire, Sir Richard. It's not empty hype because of this:

(a) They're going to start *shipping* Sun's Java with Linux distros.
(b) One of the distros that is happy with that is Debian.

Now, Debian is slow, crufty, and at least five years behind the times in everything. But the one place it excells is being just as political as Stallman is. It is Debian, I'd point out, that made GNU's only (YES, STILL, ONLY!) demo distro featuring the HURD possible. If it's good enough for Debian, it should be good enough for anybody, at least as far as a non-free included package goes.

OK, OK, we get it, it's not free (like in rain) yet. It's still a *step*. Ten years of experience has taught me that dealing with Sun is like dragging gramma to the rave. You celebrate every tiny shuffle. This, of course, together with their Open Solaris distributions. That's the other half of the news, that their open distros can now include Java.

And rest assured, Mr. Stallman, if there's ever a wave of empty hype going around in the FOSS world that needs to have "foul" cried on it, you'll hear it here on this blog about a week before anybody else notices it. I'm the cynic in the FOSS camp, and I have my bases very well covered, thank you.

EDIT UPDATE 6/7/06: I may end up eating these words yet: It seems the decision to embrace the new Java deal is not unanimous, but is causing a big spat amongst the Debian developers. Come to that, everything, including what color to make the icons, seems to cause a big spat amongst the Debian developers.

EDIT UPDATE #2 6/13/06: Hey, this time I gloriously fouled up. It now seems to be exactly the opposite: Everybody UNhappy with Sun but Anthony Towns. *Sigh* Leave it to Sun...

EDIT UPDATE #3 9/07/06: the perspective of yet three more months has now shown that when I wrote this post, I was simply and quite thoroughly full of beans, overdosed on jackass pills, and possessed by the screw-up demon.

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